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If you're looking for real estate in the Yakima area, I can help you choose the right property for your needs and will guide you towards making an informed real estate decision in my market.  I pride myself in being able to give all my clients important local information needed to make informed decisions based on years of living and enjoying all the Yakima area has to offer.

If you are a seller, I can help price and put your property on the market for a quick sale.

This site is designed to help you make the important decisions needed to purchase or sell property. Bookmark it for future reference and feel free to call or e-mail me for all of your real estate needs.

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Hello Mr.Hernandez,
just a quick thank you for responding to all of my inquiries over the
past weeks.. i have to say i almost gave up on searching for properties
online due to the countless unanswered inquiries i sent out to numerous
realty offices.. except for yours of course..and i thank you for the
help in my searches :-)
it boggles my mind to know how many realty offices in yakima disregard
thier online sites.and ignore anyone who emails them for information on
property.. im so glad i found one person online to answer my
questions,thank you again Mr.Hernandez.you are a true asset to the
company :-)




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CASAS EN YAKIMA WASHINGTONespanol El negocio de Bienes y Raíces es cada vez más complicado por lo que necesitas de un profesional en la materia. Mi objetivo es ayudar a la comunidad Hispana a adquirir sus propiedades. Me especializo en adquirentes por primera ocasión y bajos ingresos. Hay muchos programas de financiamiento que requieren poco enganche. también ofrecemos financiamiento de dueño 952-9756 disponible los 7 días hasta las 10pm. Un articulo el el periodico Local acerca de mi, haz click aqui para ver!

Mi misión es de que todos hagan el sueño americano realidad.
Nestor Hernández Instructor Certificado del Estado de Washington CURRENT INTEREST RATES / TASAS DE INTERES EL DIA DE HOY
   Realtor by day and performer by night

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